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When should an individual consider lifetime settlements?

With a Lifetime Settlement, you gain ability to sell your existing life insurance policies and receive cash in excess of its cash surrender value.

Traditionally, when your need for insurance disappears or a policy becomes too expensive to maintain, you have had two choices—surrender the policy for the cash value or let the policy lapse. Now Lifetime Settlements offer an alternative for anyone over 65 who has had a change in health since the policy was issued.

Lifetime Settlements can be applied in a variety of situtations:

  • You can no longer afford premiums
  • You need new, more cost efficient insurance
  • You are retiring and have the right to take over your key person coverage
  • You are divorced or bankrupt
  • You need long term care insurance
  • You are about to lapse a term policy
  • You need money for an emergency
  • You want to remove a policy from your estate
  • You want to reduce your estate

In many cases, your policy may be worth more to you than your cash value. A Lifetime Settlement enables you to access cash from your old life insurance and use it for other investments, to purchase new insurance, pay off debt, or supplement other income and increase financial independence.

Before selling a policy it is important that individuals consult their advisors and examine all options available to them.

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